14 Market Square, Sheffield S13 7JX
Delivery:40min Collection:20min
Burgers, Curry, Traditional Curries, Tandoori Dishes, Biryani, American, Bangladeshi, Indian
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Vegetarian Balti Dishes

Gujarati Sabzi

Mixed Vegetable with Sweetcorn

Sabzi Bahar

Mixed Veg with Cheese

Gaon Ki Sabzi

Mixed Veg with Spinach

Chana Dall Masala

Blend of Rich Spices with Split Chick Peas

Sabzi Ki Saat

Mixed Veg with a Special Sour Citrus Fruit

Aloo Jeera

Specially prepared Potatoes cooked with Cumin Seeds, Tomato, Onion & Coriander in a medium strength Sauce - a very savoury dish

Shabji Masala

Fresh Mixed Vegetables prepared in a delicately flavoured Creamy Masala Sauce

Shabji Jalfrezi

(HOT!) A Stir Fried dish cooked with lightly braised Cubed Onion, Garlic, Green Chilli & Rich Herbs in a Thick Sauce

Vegetable Methi

Cooked with Fenugreek Leaves bursting with flavour of India

Vegetable Sheem

Cooked with Green Beans bursting with flavour of India

Vegetable Garlic

Lightly braised with Fresh Garlic bursting with flavour of India