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Burgers, Curry, Traditional Curries, Tandoori Dishes, Biryani, American, Bangladeshi, Indian
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Tandoori Specialities

Charcoal Grilled - Tandoori dishes are marinated in Yoghurt with Special Tandoori Spices then cooked in the clay oven (Tandoor).

Tandoori Chicken 1/2


Tandoori Chicken Tikka


Tandoori Lamb Tikka


Spring Lamb Chops

Lamb Cutlets on the bone lightly spiced with Black Peppers, sealed and roasted in a clay oven over charcoal. Served with Salad and Mint Sauce

Tandoori King Prawn

Spiced with Yoghurt then skewered in a charcoal grill, served sizzling with Onions & Peppers

Tandoori Mixed Grill

Includes all the above, plus a Seekh Kebab

Chicken Shashlik

Chunks of Chicken Breast spiced with Yoghurt then skewered in a clay oven with Onions, Pepper & Tomato

Lamb Shashlik

Chunks of succulent tender Lamb spiced with Yoghurt then skewered in a clay oven with Onion, Pepper & Tomato

Spice & Rice Special Tandoori

Tandoori Chicken Fillets stir fried with Fresh Onion, Peppers and highly spiced. Served flaming with a touch of Brandy